Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Larrivettes resurface!

Here is an homage to the Larrivettes who skated by night and built guitars by day! Sure there are no skates, pads, pucks or even ice in these pictures but behind each of these steely stares lies a committed player willing to 'go the distance' no matter the foe, even when our biggest obstacle was a serious lack of talent, other than George of course who was poetry in motion!
Picture courtesy of David Wren.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Used Instruments of interest available soon!!!

I have a couple of cool instruments arriving from the States soon one being a rare (1 0f 31) Martin transition tenor guitar known as the Carl Fischer model. This was a modified 2-18T with a 14 fret neck joint that was built in the months leading up to the creation of the first OM guitar. At the time these instruments were like attempts in a new direction and once the OM was established they stopped making them. It is a fantastic sounding and feeling instrument that I discovered by accident while in Dallas. I had never seen one like it (12 fret neck joints are the norm) but it was it's sound that sold me more than its scarcity. Anyone interested in Tenor guitars and in my neck of the woods, should try it. It's a dream.

The other guitar is a 1959 Gibson LG-3 in excellent shape and is one of the very good ones. I get to play lots of these and they can be small sounding or big. This is the latter and I'm sure it will end up in the right hands very soon.

Used Alleva Coppolo custom colour LG4 bass!!!!

This is an 'as new' bass with only one brief owner with all nitro finish in custom colour, 'plum crazy'.
I will be posting photographs soon but as a taster, it has a rosewood board with dot markers, active preamp, very nice neck and absolutely no issues! Those looking for one are aware of the waiting list and this is a great example you can get right now!
It is $4200 with original gig bag and is for sale by a client. SOLD TO FIRST ENQUIRY!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Visit D'Antone Guitars at!!

Here is the link to some of the used guitars for sale right now. There are more which include a 1961 Martin Mandolin, the Manzer Algongquin archtop mentioned in an earlier post and a couple of show guitars of mine which made an appearance at the last Montreal Guitar Show and that reluctant or not, I must sell to make room for the next series waiting to come into reality!
If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line! Have a great October!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Toronto welcomes Norwegian musician Jacob Matheus

Sometimes roaming the world and looking for the right instrument takes you to a place where an instrument has been built and is waiting for its perfect owner. The very gifted Norwegian guitarist and composer, Jacob Matheus, recently took a four day diversion on his way back to Berklee (Boston) to try out some of my archtop guitars here in Toronto. Knowing that he had a few days to audition these guitars, I arranged with some good friends to set up some jams with wonderful local players so that Jacob could get a sense of how the guitars would respond in a real combo environment. As it turned out he had singled out one instrument early on, so that simplified the process even more. What I found fascinating and different from many previous clients, was that Jacob was primarily interested in hearing how the guitar responded purely acoustically sans amp for his entire stay! Amazingly although he was playing beside an acoustic piano, a synth, electric bass and electric guitar, he was always clear as a bell. Jacob has fantastic technique in many areas and especially in coaxing out great tone while playing at maximum acoustic volume. It blew everyone away that every note he played was heard.
Kudo's to you Jacob!

In the end Jacob headed off back to Boston with a fully carved blonde archtop that had been made as a show guitar four years earlier. It was the perfect guitar for him and the experience was great for both of us. Thanks Jacob for the deciding to come to Toronto and I look forward to hearing all that you create with this instrument. Anyone who gets the chance to hear this great young artist will recognize the depth of his musicality.

I want to thank Monte Horton(guitar), Matt Horner (piano), John Yelland (bass), Terry Logan (keys and guitar), Marcus Ward (BBQ, support/friendship and love of guitars) as well as Marcus's sons Jordan and Nigel and Jordans equally talented bandmate, Jonathon Plytas for making Jacob feel welcome during his stay.

Summer is pretty much over and here's to a magnificent and colourful fall for all of us!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome to D'Antone Guitars! It is a sort of 'umbrella' name under which I will be marketing both used instruments (vintage and luthier built) as well as some of my own instruments. Those who know me already know that I have been doing high end restoration on instruments for as many years as I have been building them. This has been invaluable in my own education as a builder as you come to understand the choices made by great builders going back generations and which ones have stood the test of time and also those that although they may have had a positive impact on the instruments performance in the short term, have failed over time. I have learned that you cannot be judgemental on what could be perceived as a 'flaw' because an instrument capable of making great music in the short term is just as valid as one that will last three hundred years. It's 'life' is in the 'moment' just as the music that is played on it is but I digress!

Here are some instruments that are available right now. They are all fine guitars that have crossed my path one way or another and include the occasional used instrument of my own. I haven't listed every guitar that may be available but if you are looking for something in particular, you can certainly let me know. Also for higher resolutions pictures contact me and I will happy to send them to you. I can be contacted at:

tel: 416 699 7082


website: (soon to be updated to D'Antone)

Vintage 1952 Gibson SJ-200 Acoustic Guitar #A94XX FON 5707-18.

This very light instrument is in exceptionally fine condition as well as being extremely rare. One of only 112 shipped that year, this one has a very early '52 serial number and the factory order number does not yet have the Z prefix that began in '52. The guitar features a sunburst finish, single X-braced spruce top, beautifully figured solid maple back and sides, multiple bound top and back, vibrant crown pearl inlays on a bound Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, 'mustache' bridge with pearl inlays and a large '50s neck profile that fits comfortably in your hand. There are some usual minor signs of binding shrinkage and the bordered pickguard is starting to gas in a few small spots as seen in the pictures. It has a common short back crack running from the end block, a tiny one at the heel block and a short one in the waist area. There is also a small side crack in the upper waist. All cracks have been glued and cleated. The bridge is original and features an intonated saddle using the original existing saddle slot. Overall this is an incredible vintage guitar and rare to find in this condition. It sounds fantastic with full, rich tone, plays great and comes with the original brown hard case with green lining. Also included is the rare original hang tag with the handwritten serial number and stamped for SJ-200. Perfect for the Gibson aficionado this guitar epitomizes the classic Gibson Jumbo tone and feel and would be equally at home in the hands of a player or collector. I should mention to any songwriter reading this that you will find inspiration distilled into every chord you play!

Price: $11,500US

2000 Borges Barndance

Bought from Kim Sherman at Cotten Music last year. It's a great sounding, light and resonant interpretation of a Gibson J-35, with indian rosewood back and sides and Adirondack top. With waverly tuners, bone nut and saddle and it's short scale, it's kind of a cross between a Gibson J-35 and an Advanced Jumbo. Condition is excellent, with light finish crazing (apparently due to temperature fluctuations in his old space). Very minor scuffing on the back and a tiny ding in the headstock. There's plenty of saddle - it's barely been played in the 10 years or so since it was built - and it was recently set up by Julius Borges himself. Price: $4,300US

1995 Tony Duggan-Smith 7/8 sized Archtop Guitar

Built at Linda Manzers shop during Tony's many years there, this is a unique 14 1/2" instrument with 21 7/8" scale that can be played in standard tuning or tuned up a whole tone. In excellent condition , it is a completely hand carved instrument featuring highly figured german maple back and sides, an Engelman spruce top, ebony appointments, handmade Kent Armstrong pickup and under saddle transducer. With a rich complex tone expected in Tony's instruments, this guitar is ideal either for a serious young player or anyone looking for a different tonal texture to add to their palette. Comes with hardshell case. Price: $6,300US

1929 Martin 0-18K #36XX3

Original finish with neck reset, replacement transition belly bridge (for intonation) original bar frets one small repaired top crack and new replacement Waverly tuners. This is a magnificent example both structurally and acoustically. With nicely figured Koa, it has typical wear for its age and has thankfully never been top coated. Recently seen and played at the Montreal Guitar Show by both musicians and builders it was a great vintage reference instrument amongst so many new luthier built guitars. A fabulous and surprisingly versatile guitar, it comes with new hardshell case. Price: $4,400US

Monday, June 20, 2011


Besides the beautiful SJ-200 I have two other instruments available. One is a killer 1929 Martin 0-18K with original bar frets and original finish. It has one minor top crack that has been repaired, a neck reset done and also a replacement bridge that was switched to the 1930 belly style for intonation reasons. The original finish is scuffed and marked but the sound is so good that the idea of refinishing or top coating for cosmetic reasons just seems ludicrous. One look at this guitar tells you that it was loved and played. I don't have pictures of it yet but I will have it at the Montreal Guitar Show along with the SJ-200. The second instrument is a Borges Barndance in excellent condition and these are pictures of it attached here. Feel free to contact me for more information on any of these instruments and I am hoping to have the new site up and running in the next few weeks.
Oh and come to the MONTREAL GUITAR SHOW!!!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Watch out for my new site with vintage guitars available!!

That's right, there is a new site being assembled right now that features both my instruments and a revolving supply of vintage and used handmade instruments under an umbrella name (to be revealed)
Here is a taste of some of those instruments! They include the SJ200 mentioned before, the extremely rare 1935 Gibson E-150 lapsteel and an early Linda Manzer Algonquin archtop guitar. There will loads more specs as well as other choice pieces appearing soon (including an excellent Borges flat top) so if any of them peak your interest, just contact me at my regular e-mail address:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tyler Fair duet with Tyler Eigsti

Here is link to a live rendition of 'Alone Together' featuring Taylor Eigsti on piano and Tyler Fair on one of my laminate archtops. Tyler is a very cool up and coming jazz guitarist in the States and is active with the the Advanced High School Jazz Intensive.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Superb 1951-52 Gibson SJ-200 available!!!!

This is an absolutely stunning guitar! Not just as a 'looker' or piece of American Music History but as a player. This is the lightest jumbo Gibson I have ever picked up and the fact that it is built as a fine musical instrument and not as a door stop like some of the latter J-200's, all adds to its amazing tone and volume.
The tone, clarity and phenomenal mojo of this guitar conjure up all kinds of questions about the body of musical work that it has participated in. From the moment I had it in my hands, I realized this was as good as it gets.
It had a couple of cracks in the back and one in the upper waist that have been cleated and the bridge has been reglued. Like most instruments of this age, it has also had some kerfing and a couple of brace ends reglued over time. There are a couple of minor breaks in the body binding (common) but nothing structural.
I am advertising this for a friend because I see an instrument of this caliber so rarely and am happy to be part of finding it a good home. It also come with its original case which needs a little TLC.
For more information (serious interest only please)just e-mail me at:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sarello Videos and Guitar updates

Here is one short film of a piece being performed on the Sarello I built for Mark Korven.

Others can be found at

This is a small production company started by Mark Korven and myself to produce short films. Those who know us both know that we have a rich background in the film industry and microfilms gives us both the chance to explore themes that intrigue us, both performance based and narrative. I will add new project links as they are completed!

On a completely different note I will be listing guitars available on this blog shortly. These will include a few of my show guitars as well as some incredible vintage instruments that have come along. The first one is a 1951 Gibson sunburst SJ-200 which is one of the most amazing guitars I have ever played and I generally have little interest in them as 'instruments'. I found it among several from the 1950's and it was far and away the best of the lot. It is the lightest one I have ever picked up and is built as a real musical instrument and not a door stop!
I will be posting pictures soon but feel free to contact me prior if interested. The first serious person to see and PLAY it will not be able to resist!