Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pre spring adventures

Tony Duggan-Smith - Mark Kett - Pat Metheny - Linda Manzer - Joe Yanuziello

Taken in New York in late January at the release of the limited Manzer/Metheny guitar series on which we all worked in various capacities.

Linda Manzer- an incredible feat of building!
Pat Metheny - R&D and inlay designs
Mark Kett - all the fabulous inlay work
Joe Yanuziello - the superb finishing job on the guitars
Me (Tony) - planing, fretting and set ups (not sit ups)

Paul Simon was one of the first customers to buy one and the event was very well received with wonderful musicians attending including the very talented Steve Cardenas. Congrats Linda!!!!

Also had the chance to spend some quality time with good friend, Carol Kaye of Kayos productions talking about guitars, music, life and everything in between. She is a class act and anyone serious about promoting their entertainment careers in the USA should seriously consider her services, assuming she has time!

Now back to work on a prototype 'Sarola'. Half cello - half sarangi, this hybrid will be strung up any day now and my shop readied to plow ahead with three new guitars for the fabulous Montreal Guitar Show in July. Pictures to follow!