Thursday, October 2, 2014


I have a proposal for the artist known as Banksy. It would require a brief exchange of details for you to ponder, it probably isn't what you expect it would be, you can retain your anonymity and it would be a stretch for people's expectations of you that I think you would appreciate and no it isn't about decorating one of my instruments, nor robbing a bank.
Now......let's see if this can worm it's way out there..........

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Jacob Matheus

Nylon strung Quart Guitar in top picture about to be strung up for the first time almost a year ago now. It was built for my good friend Jacob Matheus who has been dragging it around the world ever since and putting it to very good use. This is one of my favourite guitars and I much prefer the sound of the nylon strings on this particular sized instrument. The character of the strings changes remarkably as you go up past the 12th fret but I found that to be a 'second voice' rather than any kind of issue. It is mostly the sustain that drops away and certainly not the volume! I want one of these for myself!
Materials wise, it has a red spruce top, very old beautifully quartered Honduran rosewood back and sides,  old Honduras mahogany neck, quarter sawn ebony fingerboard and rosewood bridge. Also has two way Mark Blanchard truss rod and Gotoh Stealth tuners that work great in this context.