Friday, September 30, 2011

Visit D'Antone Guitars at!!

Here is the link to some of the used guitars for sale right now. There are more which include a 1961 Martin Mandolin, the Manzer Algongquin archtop mentioned in an earlier post and a couple of show guitars of mine which made an appearance at the last Montreal Guitar Show and that reluctant or not, I must sell to make room for the next series waiting to come into reality!
If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line! Have a great October!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Toronto welcomes Norwegian musician Jacob Matheus

Sometimes roaming the world and looking for the right instrument takes you to a place where an instrument has been built and is waiting for its perfect owner. The very gifted Norwegian guitarist and composer, Jacob Matheus, recently took a four day diversion on his way back to Berklee (Boston) to try out some of my archtop guitars here in Toronto. Knowing that he had a few days to audition these guitars, I arranged with some good friends to set up some jams with wonderful local players so that Jacob could get a sense of how the guitars would respond in a real combo environment. As it turned out he had singled out one instrument early on, so that simplified the process even more. What I found fascinating and different from many previous clients, was that Jacob was primarily interested in hearing how the guitar responded purely acoustically sans amp for his entire stay! Amazingly although he was playing beside an acoustic piano, a synth, electric bass and electric guitar, he was always clear as a bell. Jacob has fantastic technique in many areas and especially in coaxing out great tone while playing at maximum acoustic volume. It blew everyone away that every note he played was heard.
Kudo's to you Jacob!

In the end Jacob headed off back to Boston with a fully carved blonde archtop that had been made as a show guitar four years earlier. It was the perfect guitar for him and the experience was great for both of us. Thanks Jacob for the deciding to come to Toronto and I look forward to hearing all that you create with this instrument. Anyone who gets the chance to hear this great young artist will recognize the depth of his musicality.

I want to thank Monte Horton(guitar), Matt Horner (piano), John Yelland (bass), Terry Logan (keys and guitar), Marcus Ward (BBQ, support/friendship and love of guitars) as well as Marcus's sons Jordan and Nigel and Jordans equally talented bandmate, Jonathon Plytas for making Jacob feel welcome during his stay.

Summer is pretty much over and here's to a magnificent and colourful fall for all of us!