Saturday, November 5, 2011

Used Instruments of interest available soon!!!

I have a couple of cool instruments arriving from the States soon one being a rare (1 0f 31) Martin transition tenor guitar known as the Carl Fischer model. This was a modified 2-18T with a 14 fret neck joint that was built in the months leading up to the creation of the first OM guitar. At the time these instruments were like attempts in a new direction and once the OM was established they stopped making them. It is a fantastic sounding and feeling instrument that I discovered by accident while in Dallas. I had never seen one like it (12 fret neck joints are the norm) but it was it's sound that sold me more than its scarcity. Anyone interested in Tenor guitars and in my neck of the woods, should try it. It's a dream.

The other guitar is a 1959 Gibson LG-3 in excellent shape and is one of the very good ones. I get to play lots of these and they can be small sounding or big. This is the latter and I'm sure it will end up in the right hands very soon.

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