Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sarello Videos and Guitar updates

Here is one short film of a piece being performed on the Sarello I built for Mark Korven.


Others can be found at http://microfilms.ca/home/Welcome.html

This is a small production company started by Mark Korven and myself to produce short films. Those who know us both know that we have a rich background in the film industry and microfilms gives us both the chance to explore themes that intrigue us, both performance based and narrative. I will add new project links as they are completed!

On a completely different note I will be listing guitars available on this blog shortly. These will include a few of my show guitars as well as some incredible vintage instruments that have come along. The first one is a 1951 Gibson sunburst SJ-200 which is one of the most amazing guitars I have ever played and I generally have little interest in them as 'instruments'. I found it among several from the 1950's and it was far and away the best of the lot. It is the lightest one I have ever picked up and is built as a real musical instrument and not a door stop!
I will be posting pictures soon but feel free to contact me prior if interested. The first serious person to see and PLAY it will not be able to resist!

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