Saturday, July 11, 2009

2009 Montreal Guitar Show!!!

Here are three of the five instruments I had with me in Montreal for the amazing Montreal Guitar Show which wrapped up on July 5th and was an incredible success for all those who participated and all those that ran the event with the precision of a swiss watch!
Congrats to all for such an amazing event.
Special thanks to Bill Garrett who performed a beautiful mini concert at the event with my guitars. He is a class act. He was originally going to accompany Hari Sihvo who had to bow out with health issues but is ready to give it a go next year when he is back in fine form!!
Thanks to all who stopped by my table at the show and played my instruments. That is what
they are made for and there were some real virtuosos that took the time to play them. I will resist dropping names and appearing cheap and opportunistic!
Another highlight for me was an interview for an upcoming book that takes a look at the field of instrument making from an anthropological perspective.
I look forward to reading this in depth perspective on the craft when it is out there for public consumption. Thanks to Kathryn Dudley for taking the time to look into our world!

Well that is all for now but I am sure there will be more news to share soon. have a wonderful summer!

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